The Climate is Right for Trains

Transportation fuels the world’s economy – driving global productivity, creating jobs, connecting people and facilitating social and economic development.

In times of volatile oil prices and an uncertain economy, rail as a transportation mode stands alone in its ability to combine energy efficiency with economic and environmental performance
As well as transporting high volumes of passengers – whether on long distance routes or within cities - a thriving rail network supports significant employment for people building, operating and maintaining trains and track and serving customers. 

Rail transportation represents not only leading technology, but is additionally a prime mover in economic growth.  It is also the most comprehensive solution to the challenges of sustainable mobility, combating urban congestion and benefiting societies environmentally as well as economically

Economic growth  need not be at the expense of the environment. Bombardier’s response is  a full spectrum of rail products and services, including our innovative ECO4 technologies, built on the four cornerstones of energy, efficiency, economy and ecology.

In these pages you will find independent studies and facts that illustrate that now, more than ever, “The Climate is Right for Trains